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Doorway: partnership with Ban Flanders for access to the belgian investors to the platform

The agreement stems from the one signed in 2021 with Business Angels Europe

Doorway, an online venture investing platform, authorized by Consob[1], for the market of professional, qualified and corporate investors, has signed a partnership with BAN FLANDERS (Business Angels Network Vlaanderen), the Flemish business angels club operating for more than 20 years, and which brings together about 250 of the most active business angels in Belgium. Belgian angels will thus have the opportunity to invest, through the Doorway platform, in Italian and international companies with high potential, increasing the possibilities of diversification of their portfolio. For the companies selected by Doorway it is an opportunity to collect new resources and to benefit from qualified on-site support in the event of their developments in the Benelux area. The agreement is a first important result of the partnership with Business Angels Europe signed by Doorway last October.

Three startups are currently being open to collect investments: ACBC, Smartpricing and Nanoligent whose projects have been selected according to the Doorway method which, in addition to adopting the best practices of the world of venture capital, integrates in a systematic way the analysis of compliance with ESG criteria, alongside business criteria.  These startups have already reached an important commitment from the Doorway community and now the investment opportunity is also open to the business angels of BAN FLANDERS.

“With great satisfaction we announce today this partnership which, in addition to expanding our audience of potential investors, marks an important moment in the implementation of the internationalization strategy that we have launched in recent months. The advantage of the collaboration with BAN FLANDERS will fall not only on Doorway, but also on the same start-ups that will be able to more easily develop in one of the most interesting markets in Central-Northern Europe”.

Antonella Grassigli, CEO of Doorway

“The agreement allows to connect two – and later more – thriving and dynamic regions within the EU, to join forces in developing the economy of the future. Italian and Belgian business angels will now be able to tackle technological and environmental challenges together with start-ups, creating new business opportunities and developing emerging markets. Technology and innovation have no boundaries – that is why the future of entrepreneurship and investment is international.”

Reginald Vossen, CEO BAN Flanders

“We are pleased that through our partnership with Doorway, our leading angel club members like BAN Flanders have found innovative ways of expanding their access to quality dealflow from other countries. Promoting such activities is a key priority for BAE: creating a real common European market for startups and angel investors.”

Jan Debets, Head of Operations in Business Angels Europe

About Doorway (

Doorway S.r.l. Società Benefit is the venture investing platform authorized by Consob, the italian leader in online investment in startups and innovative SMEs for the professional market (private banker, family office, financial advisor), qualified (business angel) and corporate investor. It offers its community of investors a highly selected number of startups and SMEs, Italian and international, which demonstrate high scalability and a solid business model. Its original due diligence method, carried out with internal staff and external professionals, focuses on teams, business model, legal compliance, exit strategy and an accurate sustainability report, aimed at giving a measurable assessment of the social and environmental impact of the proposed startups. Doorway collaborates with financial advisors specialized in listing on the European Growth Market and with VC to encourage the rapid development of the startups invested and accelerate the creation for its investors of interesting exit or monetization possibilities.

About BAN Flanders (

BAN Flanders (Business Angels Netwerk Vlaanderen) brings together entrepreneurs and investors, prepares them for capital financing, and always provides personal guidance and professional know-how. Pre-eminently, it is the platform where investors and entrepreneurs find each other in optimal conditions.

#banstaatready stands for growth and success of entrepreneurs and private investors, the business angels. With more than 200 man-years of expertise within the core team (excluding the expertise of the business angels in the network, which is almost impossible to express in years), BAN Flanders has been the market leader in private early stage venture capital in Belgium for almost 25 years. With 433 deals signed, BAN Flanders lives up to the motto ‘WISE MONEY LEADS TO GREAT DEALS’, every day. The personal guidance of all parties is key!

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Contact: CEO Reginald Vossen; telephone: +32 11 87 09 11; email:

About Business Angels Europe (

Business Angels Europe (BAE) is the voice of angel investing in Europe, representing the European Business Angels’ Federations and leading angel clubs from the most developed ecosystems on the continent. BAE’s objectives are creating a connected ecosystem for angel investing across Europe, working with key players across the finance and business marketplace. Furthermore, it works to ensure a supportive fiscal and regulatory framework for angel investing across Europe.

[1] The “Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa” (CONSOB) is the public authority responsible for regulating the Italian financial markets.