In order to facilitate the meeting of "intelligent" financial capital and "excellent" human capital, Doorway makes, on the one hand, a selection of companies to use the Portal and, on the other hand, will limit the audience of potential investors who will be invited to be part of the community platform, subject to acceptance of the commitment of confidentiality  foreseen in the Terms and Conditions of use.

Who can apply

Equity Crowdfunding is a form of investment that allows investors to finance Startups and SMEs set up in the form of Capital Companies, through online portals authorized by Consob, providing a financial contribution in exchange for equity investments of the same companies with equity and administrative rights.

This tool, of Anglo-Saxon derivation, is experiencing a significant development also in Italy, thanks to a regulatory evolution that is supporting its use and diffusion. 179/2012, in fact, the Legislator has intervened several times to broaden the audience of those who can benefit from this financing mechanism, stimulate potential investors and simplify the operational aspects related to the operations of equity crowdfunding.


Among the most relevant regulatory interventions, we highlight the recent extension of the scope of subjective application of the institution of equity crowdfunding to "small and medium-sized enterprises established as corporations", i.e. all Italian Startups and SMEs.


The Equity - based model foresees that the financing takes place in the form of risk capital and that the investor becomes a full partner of the company proposing the entrepreneurial project.

Project selection

Doorway focuses the process of selection and due diligence of the bidding companies on the following themes: team, innovative solution, reference market, propensity to internationalisation, exit.

The selection process starts with the completion of an online questionnaire articulated in different ways depending on whether the company is a Startup or an SME. The questionnaire for Startups is formulated in English. The Doorway Pre-evaluation Team will inform the bidder of the outcome of the selection process within 15 working days of the data being uploaded to the Platform.

The bimonthly screening cycle of proposed projects consists of different phases:

1. Collection of presentations (100% of projects)

2. First cognitive call and feedback (75% of projects)

3. Second in-depth and feedback call (30% of projects)

4. Screening committee meeting (5% of projects)

5. Selection and fundraising (2.5% of projects)

6. Legal, accounting and business due diligence process.

The main advantages for companies raising capital on Doorway

  • Collect investments through a club deal (SPV Company) by optimizing the impact on the captable e on governance
  • Participation in roadshows phygital in which invited and selected investors
  • Benefit the structured screening path with venture capital and industry experts
  • Access to the Founder community, investors and professionals
  • Benefit from the mentorship of the Champion
  • Be supported in the structuring of the next round
  • Support for the implementation of the exit and the IPO

Partnership with BPER Bank

Doorway, with a view to supporting and sustaining businesses and the real economy, has entered into a partnership with BPER Bank, Doorway's financial intermediary, who has designed the "Equity Crowdfunding" package.

Equity Crowdfunding is the complete and exclusive package of current accounts dedicated to Startups and SMEs that want to launch an Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on the platform Doorway. 
Equity Crowdfunding provides 2 current accounts to manage the Campaign: one for the collection of funds that the Company receives from Investors and bound until the successful conclusion of the campaign, and one for the administrative management of the same.

Financial Dashboard

Because we believe that the investment is only the beginning of the Company's growth path, Doorway will provide each invested Company with a Financial Dashboard a Financial Dashboard  a Business Management  Owner, developed in collaboration with Horsa Spa, in which the Company will have to enter the main economic and financial data on a quarterly basis, in order to keep the trend and cash flow under constant monitoring.


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