In order to facilitate the meeting of "intelligent" financial capital and "excellent" human capital, Doorway carries out, on one side, a rigorous selection of the companies allowed on the platform and, on the other, it invites on the platform only investors with medium-high financial means.

Projects selection

Doorway’s selection process focuses on team, reference market, business sustainability at 24/36 months, propensity to internationalization and exit strategy.

The selection process begins with an online application tailored for Startup or SME. The questionnaire for Startup is formulated in English. Doorway Pre-evaluation Team will notify the candidate bidder of the result of the selection process within 15 working days of uploading data to Doorway’s platform.

To learn more about our selection and investment processes go to How it works.

Business management

As we believe that the investment is only the beginning of the company's growth path, for the success of the investment, Doorway will provide each invested company with a proprietary business management dashboard, developed together with Horsa Spa, in which the company will be supposed to add the main economic and financial data on a quarterly basis, to keep constantly monitored the economic and financial performance and the cash flow.


The selection process will start on the Platform from December 24, 2018.

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