Doorway’s mission is to support, domestically and internationally, the development of ground-breaking Startup or SMEs, providing a diversified portfolio for those investors who have a medium to long term investment horizon.

Moreover, the platform acts as a "gateway" to a virtual marketplace where high-scalability startups and SMEs can interact with business angels, family offices and other qualified investors, allowing the first to raise the capital needed to implement promising businesses and the others to allocate part of their financial assets to support disruptive businesses and successful, competent and fully committed entrepreneurs. The latter point is crucial as we believe that execution is the main factor of success and / or failure of the initiatives.

In the private market section of the platform, every registered investor can make visible to other registered investors his positions and investments therefore improving the match between supply and demand, promoting partial demobilization of assets and / or increases in their portfolio.

Furthermore, every Startup or SME on the platform uses Doorway’s proprietary business management tools, developed by Doorway in collaboration with Horsa Spa, which let the investor monitor the financial performance of the companies he has invested in.

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The investor must be aware of the risks he takes on by investing on the platform in financial quotation products of startups and SMEs, including the risk of illiquidity and loss of invested capital.