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How it works


Receive the personalized invitation to the email address you indicated in the request form


The first time you log in enter the code received, afterwards just enter your email and password


Review the projects and attached documentation, and compare them with other community members


Choose independently which Company to invest in and what amount, starting from a minimum of €5000


With the certification of the investment you will receive an immediate tax refund of 30%


As a Partner of the chosen Company, you will be able to resell the shares at a higher value later on

Doorway is composed of a Community of institutional and professional Investors business angels, professionals, entrepreneurs, managers and family office who want to diversify their portfolio by subscribing online shares of Startups and SMEs, as asset class alternative.

The access to the Platform and its services is "on invitation", generating an exclusive club of selected Investors, from which a minimum investment ticket per single Offer is required.

Doorway provides a minimum investment ticket, variable by type of Investor:

  • Investors retail (non-professional): minimum ticket euro 5,000, average ticket euro 15,000
  • Professional Investors: minimum ticket euro 50,000, average ticket euro 150,000
  • Institutional Investors: minimum ticket and average ticket euro 300,000.

The investment and investor identification process takes place exclusively online (compliance with Consob regulations), the finalisation of the investment takes place by means of a bank transfer to an escrow account in the name of the offering company opened with the agreed bank intermediary (now BPER Bank).


Following the investment, with a view to professionalism and transparency, Doorway equips its Investors with a Financial Dashboard: a proprietary management control tool in which the Companies enter the main economic-financial data to allow the Investor to monitor the performance of their investment.

The investment companies presented on the Platform are characterized by highly scalable and innovative business models; they are reported by qualified and independent Advisors and Referrals, and validated by Doorway's team and external consultants. Due Diligence on the business, fiscal and legal model is entrusted to industry experts and leading Partner Companies.


The Investor has access to a Community of people with the same objectives and characterized by different and specific expertise, with whom he can compare and expand his networking both during the physical roadshows constituted by Investor Day and in smart mode through periodic online meetings and digital events.


From Doorway's desire to channel conscious and intelligent investments, investors are offered continuous training on Angel Investing and Venture Capital issues, through thematic workshops, podcasts of company presentations, articles published in Doorway Magazine, newsletters and involvement on the main Social channels.

Main benefits for the Investor

  • Community of selected Investors with specific expertise
  • Highly qualified network that allows to generate a quality Deal Flow
  • Diversified portfolio of companies validated with high scalability projects
  • Structured and safe online investment process, simplified by fintech technology
  • Tax benefits on the investment equal to 30% and increased to 50% for IRPEF* entities
  • Co-Investments offline to reach critical mass
  • Post-investment monitoring on the Platform through the Financial Dashboard
  • Angel Investing Education


*Art.38 of the Relaunch Decree of 19 May, provides for the increase from 30% to 50% of the tax deduction of the amount invested in the share capital of innovative startups for a maximum deductible amount of Euro 100,000 for each tax period. The 30% tax deduction for investments made by legal entities remains in force.


For further information go to the "Guide" section.

Every investor is aware of the risks he assumes by investing on the platform in financial products representing shares of Startups and SMEs, including the risk of illiquidity and loss of invested capital.