Deal Flow and Advisors

The companies that apply to raise capital through Doorway’s platform will follow a different selection validation stage gate process depending on whether they are Startup or SMEs. By Startup we mean a company either in business for less than two years or, if in business for longer than two years ago, with revenue growth of at least 20%.

The minimum target for raising capital for a Startup is 200,000 Euros, for a SME is 300,000 Euros. The maximum target is Euro 8,000,000 for both.

Online investment process

Our Platform is dedicated to that investor who is interested in diversifying their portfolio in the medium to long term perspective with alternative investments. In the logic of diversification to minimize risk, we define medium to long term as 5 years.

Each investor will decide independently on which projects to invest: the minimum investment ticket for each investor will be € 5,000.00.

The investment will always be made through a special-vehicle company that will invest in the target company, either in a single transaction or at the achievement of defined milestones. The investment contract that will be proposed to the target company will have the typical protections for investors such as liquidation preference, drag and tag along, the right to vote on special and extraordinary transactions.

For finalizing the collection of capital, a minimum of 5% of the financial instruments offered must be subscribed to by professional investors. This threshold is reduced to 3% for offers made by SMEs in possession the certified financial statements, and any eventuality consolidated financial statements, related to the last two financial years preceding the offer, prepared by an auditor or by an auditing company registered in the register of auditors.

Doorway’s commission model is exclusively based on a "success fee" paid by the Target company after the successful completion of the campaign on the portal. This fee is equivalent to the 8% of the raised capital raised, or to 6% for Social Impact projects and / or for companies having a high number of women consisting of women in their corporate structure or management.

There are no fees charged to Investors.