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Equity Crowdfunding is a form of investment that allows investors to provide financing for Start-ups and SMEs set up as corporations, through online portals authorised by Consob, by making a financial contribution in exchange for equity stakes in the same companies with equity and administrative rights.

The tool, derived from Anglo-Saxon law, is experiencing significant development in Italy as well, thanks to regulatory developments that are supporting its development.

This instrument, of Anglo-Saxon derivation, is experiencing a significant development also in Italy, thanks to a regulatory evolution that is supporting its use and diffusion. Since its introduction by Decree-Law 179/2012, the legislature has intervened on a number of occasions to broaden the range of parties that can benefit from this financing mechanism (SMEs and start-ups), to stimulate potential investors and to simplify the operational aspects associated with equity crowdfunding transactions.

These are the main reasons why the law has been amended to make it more effective.

One of the most relevant regulatory interventions is the recent extension of the scope of application of equity crowdfunding to "small and medium-sized enterprises established as joint stock companies", i.e. all Italian start-ups and SMEs.

The Equity - based model is based on the principle of equity crowdfunding.

The equity-based model requires that financing for start-ups and SMEs take the form of venture capital and that the investor becomes a full partner of the company proposing the business project.

The equity crowdfunding model is based on the principle of equity.

Project selection

Doorway focuses the selection and due diligence process of the bidding companies on the following issues: team, innovative solution, reference market, propensity for internationalization, exit.

The selection process for a start-up or an SME wishing to access funding from Doorway begins with the completion of an online questionnaire, which is structured differently depending on whether the company is a start-up or an SME. The questionnaire for Startups is formulated in English. The Doorway Pre-evaluation Team will inform the bidder of the outcome of the screening process within 15 working days from the upload of the data on the Platform.

The bi-monthly screening cycle of the proposed projects consists of different phases:

  1. Collection of submissions (100% of projects)
  2. First cognitive call and feedback (75% of the projects)
  3. Second call for in-depth analysis and feedback (30% of projects)
  4. Screening Committee Meeting (5% of projects)
  5. Screening and fundraising (2,5% of projects)
  6. Legal, accounting and business Due Diligence process

Main advantages for companies and start-ups that raise funds on Doorway

  • Receive investments through a club deal (SPV) optimizing the impact on captable and governance
  • Participate in phygital roadshows attended by invited and selected investors
  • Benefit from the structured screening process with Venture Capital and industry experts
  • Access to the community of founders, investors and professionals
  • Benefit from the mentorship of the Champions
  • Be supported in the structuring of the next rounds
  • Support for the realization of the exit and the IPO

Partnership with BPER Banca

Doorway, with the aim of supporting and sustaining businesses and the real economy and simplifying financing for start-ups andSMEs, has partnered with BPER Banca, Doorway's financial intermediary, which has created the "Equity Crowdfunding" package.

Equity Crowdfunding is the complete and exclusive package of current accounts dedicated to Startups and SMEs that want to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign on the Doorway platform.

Equity Crowdfunding provides 2 current accounts to manage the Campaign: one aimed at collecting the financing that the Company (startup or SME) receives from the Investors and bound until the successful conclusion of the campaign, and one for the administrative management of the same.

Financial Dashboard

Because we believe that the investment is just the beginning of the company's growth path, upon successful completion of the investment, Doorway will provide each invested company with a proprietary Financial Dashboard for business management, developed in collaboration with Horsa Spa, in which the company will have to enter the main economic and financial data on a quarterly basis, in order to constantly monitor the trend and cash flow. This procedure was created to speed up and make transparent operations involving financing for start-ups and SMEs.

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