directaThrough the agreement stipulated between Directa SIM and Doorway, investors are offered the opportunity to invest by taking advantage of the Alternative Scheme of Header. In this way, as permitted by Article 100ter of the TUF (Consolidated Law on Finance), investors will be able to benefit from the advantages of delegating to a qualified intermediary the subscription of the units of a campaign on their behalf.

In particular, the Directa SIM offers the opportunity to invest through the Directa SIM and Doorway Alternative Header Scheme.

In particular, the investor will be able to transfer his shares while avoiding the substantial costs of a notary or accountant that would otherwise be required.

Why choose this alternative regime?

The main advantages of the alternative regime are:

  • Transfer of units at no additional cost in the event that the investor decides to sell the units subscribed. The intermediary (Directa Sim) will handle the transfer of ownership at no additional cost and immediately, after the appropriate checks and verifications. In addition, Directa Sim acts as a tax withholding agent and therefore the management of taxation for this transfer will not have to be included in the tax return. This will allow you to obtain the liquidity from your shares more quickly and without additional costs.
  • After opening an account with Directa SIM, it will be possible to buy shares in promising companies even outside of a campaign, in case it was not possible to participate in the campaign
  • The alternative regime also enjoys the tax benefits for investments in innovative startups and SMEs

What are the costs and fees borne by the investor?

We differentiate between account opening costs and recurring fees:


  • Euro 15.00 (for individuals) and Euro 80.00 (for legal entities) one-off service activation fees that will be charged at the time of the first registration
  • Euro 5.00 for the eventual issue, only upon request, of the certification proving the ownership of shares, necessary as a title of legitimation for the exercise of corporate rights, excluding the first one, which is offered by Directa SIM.


  • Euro 20.00 per subscription regardless of quantity, only if the campaign is actually successful. The commission is charged to the investor and will be charged by Directa SIM.
  • Euro 20.00 per subscription regardless of the quantity, only if the campaign is successful.

    How to do it?

    To be able to steal your shares you need to open an account with Directa SIM. Here are all the steps in detail:

    They are as follows

    1. When you place your investment order on the Doorway platform, you will be able to select the option to trade your shares.
    2. Once the investment order has been finalized, you will receive an email with instructions for opening an account with Directa SIM, with a different process for legal entities and individuals. If you already have an account with Directa SIM no action will be required.
    3. The account opening is totally digital and will be done by filling out a form that will take 10 minutes
    4. The form requires you to fill in all the data of the investor and ends with the receipt of an email in which you will be asked for your availability to make an appointment online to confirm your identity. You will receive an email with a reference link to which you will have to connect on the day and time of the appointment via webcam to complete the registration.
    5. At the end of the campaign, if successful, Directa SIM will register the shares in your name on behalf of the investor
    6. If necessary, Directa SIM offers the possibility of providing a certificate of ownership of the shares at a cost of Euro 5.00

    Some notes: the service is available only to investors with an Italian tax code