Obligations of the operator

The Consob Regulation of 26 June 2013 no. 18592 and subsequent amendments and additions, has regulated the obligations that each operator, the owner of the portal, is required to comply with in the performance of its activities.

Doorway S.r.l., through its authorized portal

Operates with diligence, fairness and transparency in order to avoid any conflicts of interest that could negatively affect the interests of investors and bidding companies.

In accordance with the Consob Regulation on the obligations of the operator of the portal, it makes available to investorsprofessional investors in a detailed, fair, clear, non-misleading manner and without omissions, all information regarding the offer that is provided by the offeror. All of this is so that they can reasonably and fully understand the nature of the investment, the type of financial instruments being offered and the risks associated with them, and make investment decisions in an informed manner.

Recalls the attention ofprofessional investors, as per Consob regulation, to the desirability that investments in high-risk financial assets are appropriately related to their financial capabilities.

Assures that the information provided through the portal is up-to-date and accessible for the twelve months following the closing of the offer and for five years thereafter at the request of interested parties.

For further details on the individual obligations of Doorway S.r.l., please refer to Title III of the Consob Regulation, articles 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21.