Equity Investing and Equity Crowdfunding can both be defined as common forms of investment.

In both cases we are talking about investments that allow investors to acquire shares in companies. These forms of investment, which are increasingly popular on online platforms, differ in a few respects.

Equity investment is the purchase of shares by investors for the purpose of earning from their ownership. If the value of a company's shares grows, there is profit to be made from a resale.

Equity crowdfunding, on the other hand, has a special feature: it is not an investment in the shares of well-known, listed companies. In this case, in fact, the purchase of shares allows you to become part of a startup project, investing in companies that are in the process of being built.

This innovative system of equity crowfunding is based on a peculiarity: it is not an investment oriented towards well-known and listed companies.

This innovative system makes it possible to finance both innovative startups and small and medium-sized enterprises through equity crowfunding platforms. Equity Crowdfunding, is a form of investment that, through online platforms and portals authorised by Consob, such as Doorway, brings investors closer to the creators of a project (including real estate).

This innovative system enables the funding of both innovative start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses.

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