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Vitesy Srl

Vitesy crea dispostivi smart per la purificazione dell’aria ed il suo monitoraggio grazie alla combinazione di natura, nanomateriali, tecnologia e design. Le tre principali tecnologie che Vitesy sta implementando sono: Fitorimediazione, Fotocatastasi e Software proprietario.

Vitesy, a 4 anni dalla sua fondazione, ha ricevuto un grande investimento dalla UE ed il suo ultimo prodotto NATEDE ha ottenuto 1 milione di Euro di pre-ordini in soli 40 giorni, ha già vinto numerosi premi di design e startup competition a livello globale.

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Startup Impact Economy


IAG - Italian Angels for Growth

Qaplà Srl

Qapla’ si posiziona come la soluzione tecnologica multicorriere in grado di permettere agli eCommerce di automatizzare la gestione delle spedizioni dell’azienda, offrendo al contempo un innovativo strumento di marketing strategico per acquisire e fidelizzare nuovi utenti, aiutando le aziende ad aumentare significativamente il numero di spedizioni. Un’unica dashboard attraverso la quale l’azienda potrà monitorare e gestire le proprie spedizioni, emettendo lettere di vettura, personalizzando le tracking page e attivando delle specifiche campagne di marketing.

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Innovative SME Digital Transformation

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IAG - Italian Angels for Growth

Deliveristo Srl

Deliveristo is the Italian food delivery platform dedicated to B2B.

Deliveristo offers an innovative service: it digitizes the current supplies of restaurateurs and chefs thanks to a platform that puts them in direct contact with producers in an easy, fast and efficient way, eliminating all intermediaries.

Deliveristo was founded in 2017 by Ivan Aimo and Luca Calia, two thirty-year-olds with a training halfway between physical engineering and business administration, who coordinate a group of young entrepreneurs and stratuppers who deal with the selection of producers, consultancy to restaurateurs, customer care that monitors the efficiency and punctuality of deliveries.

Just one year after the commercial launch, 300 producers have already joined (of which about thirty produce dairy products), for a total of about 8000 products and 300 chefs/restaurants who have purchased, generating a turnover with an average constant growth of 40% month on month from launch to date.

Startup Food

Boost Heroes


ACBC is an innovative start-up that designs and manufactures patented sustainable footwear. Founded in 2017 by two young Italians, Edoardo Iannuzzi and Gio Giacobbe, ACBC has immediately becaome global thanks to a video that has reached 50 million views and over 2,500 worldwide customers.   So far ACBC holds 13 single brand stores in 9 countries and has co-branded partnerships with brands including Moschino and Armani.

Acbc has created a revolutionary concept of footwear, which allows the interchangeability of all models of soles and all models of uppers through a zipper. The technology is protected by a patent extended to all major world markets.

In addition to customising shoes, ACBC offers a perfect product for travelling without packaging space for footwear and offers clear advantages from eco-sustainability point of view. Indeed, by sharing the same sole for multiple shoes, there are obvious and significant savings in terms of emissions at the production stage.

Startup Fashion

IAG - Italian Angels for Growth

Club degli Investitori

AorticLab Srl

The AorticLab system is part of the treatment of the pathology of the Aortic Valve caused by its degeneration by calcification of the valve flaps and is composed of two devices: the TAF-Filter anti-embolic and the TDD-Decalcification System (debridement). 

The treatment of this pathology is still carried out through the traditional surgical method SAVR (Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement), although there is a fast and progressive replacement with a much less invasive procedure such as TAVI/TAVR (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation/ Replacement) technique that, in addition to avoiding open surgery, is applicable on a wider base of patients.

  • TAF-Transcatether Antiembolic Filter: it is a new generation technology. Based on very recent studies on patients with severe aortic stenosis treated with TAVI the use of anti-embolic filters (TAF) is increasingly recommended as their use leads to a reduction in the frequency of ischemic events and brain injuries.
  • TDD-Transcatheter Debridement Device: is a potentially disruptive technology. It consists of a revolutionary conservative treatment that fits into a fast-growing context such as TAVI and complements and supports its applicability.
Startup Life Science

IAG - Italian Angels for Growth

Rejoint Srl

Rejoint ha sviluppato una soluzione specifica per ogni paziente nell'ambito del trattamento dell’artroplastica totale del ginocchio: Yourknee, unico sistema al mondo basato sull'integrazione di tecnologie 3D Additive Manufacturing (AM), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Aided Surgery (C.A.S.) e Internet of Things (IoT). 

La campagna si è conclusa con successo.

Startup Life Science

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Doorway, al momento è l’unica piattaforma italiana di crowdfunding con una donna nel ruolo di Ceo.